About Us

Even with such a short history, video games have had a major cultural impact not only as a way of entertainment but also as social means of interaction.
Technology is being revolutionized regularly and every time sooner than before. For each revolution a new set of challenges and opportunities have been faced by the vanguard of its wave: the video games industry.

Abylight is an independent video game development studio founded in 2004 and based in Barcelona. We love video games so much that we've made them our profession.

We keep our development process at its highest note of optimization, this way we are able to warrant on-time schedules and high productivity. Our team improves constantly our work-flow toolset, assuring that Abylight keeps its pace with updated technology trends.

Being active in the development of full scale productions for the video game industry allows Abylight to offer a wider range of technological services for multi-sectorial partners.

Abylight positions itself as a reliable resource for:

  • AfterZoom Free-2-Play (Multiplatform)
  • Los Delirios De Von Sottendorff (3DS)
  • Afrodita V engine
  • Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard (3DS)