Samurai Defenders

Defend the castles of Japan with your samurai army!

On the awakening of the Edo period, Shoguns fight ferocious battles to win over the Land of the Rising Sun. From Kumamoto to Tsuruga, six emblematic castles are under siege by implacable ninjas attacking from land and air. Position your spears, archers, gunners, generals and cannons strategically. Promote their ranks and wisely employ the smoke bombs and rice balls to your advantage. But never get too confident as the art of war of Hana, the Geisha, is a good example on how appearances can be deceptive.


  • 4 gameplay modes: "Score Attack", "Normal Mode", "Random Mode" and "Versus" with "DS Download Play"
  • "Fast Forward" function
  • Several degrees of difficulty
  • Endless game possibilities!

What critics said

8/10  “As tower defence games grow in popularity, more and more are being seen on DSiWare. With that being said, if you're only going to purchase one then Dairojo! Samurai Defenders is absolutely the one to get.” Nintendo Life

8.0/10 Impressive  “So Dairojo! Samurai Defenders scores on style, depth, fun and features -- it just falls a bit short in presentation and initial understandability. That means that first-time tower defenders should look elsewhere for their entry point into the growing genre, but longtime fans of this category of gaming can invest their Points with confidence. ” IGN

Recommended  “Quite simply, Dairojo! Samurai Defenders is the best TD I’ve played from the DSiWare bunch.” Pocket Hound

This game was rated in the following classification systems:
ESRB (USA & Canada), CERO (Japan)
Mild Fantasy Violence