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May / 16 / 2011

“Fish'em All!” European Promotion

Winner of the Nintendo 3DS

Abylight launched a promotion on Monday, May 2nd 2011, in several European countries to gift 150 copies of our WiiWare game “Fish'em All!” and give in a draw one Nintendo 3DS to one of the first 150 participants who accepted the game.
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We look forward to feedback from gamers!!

First things first

First of all, we want to thank to all our friends, contacts and bloggers that have helped us to make this promotion a success and specially: James Newton (, la rédaction of, Olivier (, Ramon Nafria (,
We also want to thank once more all the gamers that have requested to win a copy of “Fish'em All!” even if they couldn't win it.
Thank you all!

An unexpected success

This promotion has been an unexpected success, much to our own surprise, as we've received 1715 applications.
Up until May 4th, submission were coming in steadily and in a regular flow.
Suddenly, and thanks to a news reported by on May 5th, we received 1432 applications until 23:36 PM when we had to close up the site. Our server, as unused to this amount of requests, almost crashed twice during the day and, anyway, we had more requests than we could honestly process.

Gifting “Fish'em All!”

As we have explain several times, the process of gifting a copy of “Fish'em All!” was done manually with regular commercial Wiis. We dedicated 2 members of our team full-time to deal with all the submissions and the gifting process: Nacho Garcia and Alberto Gonzalez.

What we did was, once we received an application, add the Wii code to one of the 3 consoles we had and send an e-mail giving our code. Once the applicant introduced our number in their Wii and the connection between both machines was established, we proceeded to send the “Fish'em All!” copy.

Finally, we checked at the Wii logs whether the gift was accepted and when it was, we proceeded to update the meter on our website.

The Draw

We've used the Wii Code submitted by the participants to create a database.
Like in a Lotto draw, using a little lottery drum with numbers from 0 to 9, we've selected numbers from right to left of the submitted Wii Codes to filter the database and find the winner of the Nintendo 3DS.
The filter selection has been made using a little program developed by Nacho Garcia, Abylight's CEO.

We've recorded a video of the draw and you can check it on our website.

The Process

* Pick the first number. This number will be the last digit of the participant's Wii Code.
- Check how many Wii Codes have this last digit. (---X)
* When two or more Wii Codes match, pick a second number. This will be the
second digit of the participant's Wii Code. (--XX)
- If no Wii Codes match, repeat the extraction of a number.
* Complete this process until there is only 1 Wii Code that match all
the numbers extracted = The Winner. (-XXX)

The Winner of the Nintendo 3DS

The Wii Code winner of the draw is 7482-1887-5478-2873, belonging to a French participant.
The winner submitted the application on May 4th at 9:08 A.M.

Thank you all for playing!!!

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